Wooden floorings and garden tiles

Wooden Floorings and garden tiles

Il Giardino di Legno

Outdoor flooring can be done in many materials like concrete, stone, ceramic and plastic, but the wood will offer many advantage and a unique style.

First of all a wood floor will not need heavy and expensive works for basements and floor preparations.

The feeling and the natural beauty of the wood can be used to give accent and harmony to any garden of different sizes and shape.


To get the best results with minimal maintenance it is important to pay attention at the project, at the materials and at the pose of the flooring.

It is important to select a durable wood and be sure that the water can flow out easily to avoid problem with moulds.

Using stainless screw it is also important to avoid rusty stain on the floor.

The wood must be well dried to avoid wrap and crack on the surface, and natural oil or paint can be used to retards the color fading due from the UV ray of the sun.

Different Type of wood

Any wood species has different characteristics that enable it for different use.

Teak is worldwide recognized as the most performing wood in outdoor conditions. For this reason was appointed from shipyards from the 18th century when he was discovered and reported from the Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné.

Wood used for outdoors must be selected for their durability, grain structure, strength and be easy to be cut and used (some wood are so strong that cannot be cut or sanded without special equipments).

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