Il Giardino di Legno

Modern Outdoor Furniture are an extremely complex products addressed to non common stress and soliciting comparing to indoor furniture. For this reason production methods, including the selection of the materials, is the core of the whole company.

To give quality products we need to select nothing but the best of materials and process with defined procedures and defined steps of quality control over the entire production phase.

Our R&S dept. select ad Hoc materials and the most qualified company for the outsourcing products able and expert to rely on the most complex techniques, such inlay, metal folding, or plastic material processing. The development of exclusive and unique technologies, some even patented, provide for a higher consistency and deeper value to each of our furnishing unit.

Production areas

Il Giardino di Legno

Production Macro areas can be defined as:

Solid Wood

Wood boards coming from sawmill are dried and then knead with toupie, tenoning, milling and sanding machine.

The components will be joined together with tenon mortise system using epoxy glue and stainless hardware after covered with wooden pins.I componenti sono quindi assemblati con incastri a tenone mortaso e mediante l’utilizzo di colle epossidiche e viti in acciaio poi ricoperte con tappi in legno.


Metal bars are cut, folded and then assembled and welded. After the structure is cleaned and delivered to the department of destination: assembly or finishing for the painting.


Wooden or metal frames are hand weaved following the pattern required. In this phase only the handcrafter experience guarantee the product results.

Thermoplastic Materials

Polyethylene crumb, natural or mass painted, are introduced into the plant that will create the shape following the mould installed with cycles of heating and cooling.


Items that require painting will be processed in this plant equipped with a line for powder coating and a line for water based finishing.


Fabrics are cut and sewed on shape with the best thread and accessories. Foam is cut and reassembled to create complex shape, then it will be covered with protective fabrics and jointed to the fabrics cover.

Assembly and Packing

In this area parts of different materials are joined together, all accessories are inserted and all packed for the delivery.


Delivery is a very sensitive matter, our products are heavy, frequently bulky and can require special documentation for export in some countries.

Customer Service

Also after many years of pleasant use of our furniture our customer can require spare parts, hardware and cushions also for products not any more in catalogue.