Design by: A3dimensioni

Manhattan is the new sectional seats system designed for Il Giardino di Legno by Turin group A3Dimensioni. The pure shape of the parallelepiped is the foundation of modern cities and also the aesthetic core of this line of seats which highlights the modern feeling of hovering above the ground thanks to its slender metal structure.Satin stainless steel with diagonal joints for the structure, flow through polyurethane and polyester wire covered with PVC for the big cushions: the materials it is made of are perfect outdoor furniture.For the first time ever, a sofa sporting severe modern lines distinctive of indoor furniture can also be used outdoors. A stainless steel structure with simple and clean lines serves as support to a technical padding made of open-cell polyurethane, which does not soak up water if left outside in the rain or snow, and covered with a special fabric specifically conceived for outdoor upholstery.Inspired by the skylines of big cities, where the parallelepiped shapes of skyscrapers are liveable and lived in landmarks, all items of our Manhattan line are strongly characterized by the presence of parallelepipeds of technical foam rubber which seem to have no support but form seats and backs to enjoy both outdoors and indoors.Available in two sizes: The big angular sofa measures 200 x 100 cm in XL size and 166 x 83 cm in L size. The single-back sofa measures 120 x 100 cm in XL size and 100 x 83 in L size. The footrest tables measure 100 x 100 cm (XL size) and 83 x 83 cm (L size).

Finishing / Materials:

Base in stainless steel. Cushions in flow-through foam and thecnical fabrics. Available on request with different fabrics and/or colors.

Items from Manhattan collection: