PE - linear low density Polyethylene


For our collection in PE it is used LLDPE (linear low density Polyethylene) with the rotational molding technology.

UV protected and 100% recyclable can be natural or mass painted and has high resistance to impact.

This thermoplastic polymer has perfect performance for outdoor use and can be painted with special texture with great tactile results.

When using natural colour the products can be glowing giving great scenical effect.

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PE color swatches
PE color swatches
colore 1
colore 2
colore 3
colore 4
colore 5
colore 6
PE maintenance

Rotational molding products does not require special maintenance, the liquid remain outside and are simply removable with the help of a cloth or sponge.

Any accumulated dirt, stains and smog can be solved with the use of a magic sponge or with a pencil eraser and in more complex cases and only if not painted with a high pressure cleaner.

Do not use acid and / or corrosive.