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This page constitutes, to all effects and purposes, excluding none, the information from the document under Art. 13, Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (“Personal data protection code”, hereinafter called the “Code” for short). Pursuant to the mentioned Code, we hereby expressly state the purposes and methods of the processing, which the submitted data are undergoing. In this regard, personal data shall only be collected and processed in order for you to receive advertising materials and commercial information about promotions, news and the organisation of events. In addition, we specify that providing data is optional but strictly necessary for taking advantage of the services and activities described above. Data shall be processed by computer and/or other electronic means and stored on a database of ours. We also inform that the website may contain links to other sites managed by third parties, with respect to which the Controller/s indicated below do/es not accept any direct and/or indirect liability whatsoever. Moreover, we specify that the information contained in this document exclusively refers to the contents of the website. The Data Controller is Silat s.r.l., with a registered office in Torino, Bolzano 4, as well as all companies which are part of the Il Giardino di Legno group. The Data Processors are:, for the processing of the data needed for the supply of direct mailing services (DEM) relating to marketing and/or market surveys. In any event, personal data may be disclosed and/or processed by other companies specialising in the supply of the services and activities listed above. The interested party shall be entitled pursuant to Art. 13 of the Code to obtain: a) updating, correction or, if deemed to be in their interest, integration of their data; b) deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of any data processed in breach of law, including those that need not be kept in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed; c) a statement attesting that the operations mentioned under items a) and b) have been notified, also with respect to their contents, to those to whom the data had been notified and disclosed, except for the case that such requirements should result to be impossible or imply the utilisation of means clearly disproportionate in respect to the protected rights; Still on the basis of the mentioned Art. 7, the interested party shall be entitled to object to the personal data concerning him/her: d) being processed, even in connection with the purpose for which they were collected, when the interested party has good reason to object; e) being processed for purposes of transmission of advertising materials or commercial information, or for direct sales, or for carrying out market surveys. Having carefully read and examined the above information, to the effects and purposes of Articles 23 and 130 of the Code, I expressly consent that my personal data may be processed in accordance with the terms and methods set out in the information contained in this document.

I hereby authorise the processing of my personal data for the purpose of performing the operations as specified in the above privacy policy.