Capital 400

Four hundred numbers of a monthly magazine on newsstands for 33 years presents stories of innovation and passion for the company and for the construction of the value through the work are many and should be celebrated. Capital does devoting a special issue to 400 businesses and entrepreneurs who are not put off by the difficulty, but rather turn them into opportunities embodies the fighting spirit of those who struggle to realize the ideas in which they believes, in spite of adversity and contexts, hard and difficult as those of the last five years, such as those that characterized the world when it was founded the magazine, in March 1980. At that time, the action of Ronald Reagan carry the world to hope and development, after years of terrorism and the oil crises while on the other side of the ocean Deng Xiaoping laid the foundations of the new China wiping out the degeneration of the Maoist revolution.
"Today there is even more need of that spirit," writes Paolo Panerai, founder of Capital and director of the magazine, in the editorial presentation of the special issue.

Special Issue no.400
Special Issue no.400

"That's why Capital has decided to revive the history of these 400. To be an example and a stimulus".
The 400 Capital are only a part, even if the most significant of that army of men and women who are engine of the economy. Who travels the world far and wide, and which acts as a stimulus with its concrete example for those who in this context does not know in which direction to point and needs success stories that convey confidence.
"It is evident that a magazine like Capital may have, as he had in 33 years, an important function. For this, with the number 400, Capital raises and by the end of 2013, upon the completion of the years of Christ, will offer pages and services that are most useful to readers, internet users, those who have the courage to start from scratch, or as they say better, to those who create startups and who has the courage to withstand the crisis will end sooner or later. In Italy must return the trust, the taste of the challenge, just the desire to create wealth for themselves and for others."