Coordination and integration

Il Giardino di Legno is the harmonious combination of multiple skills: we believe business cleverness doesn’t mean to act according to an abstract and chilly logic, but it primarily consists in establishing accountability relationships and in relying on everybody’s application and cooperation

Research and development

Design and Field trial

Our R&D dept. is constantly selecting the best materials, finishing and new production techniques to advance market request.

Conceiving by keeping the correct balance between design requirements and customer needs. By using the latest software for the mechanical design, a qualified team develops customized projects, which are always closely connected with a state of the art technology, thus constantly contributing to innovation.

The R&D dept. is also able to cooperate actively over the solutions of project request that require new materials, production methods or built in system for solve specifics challenge.


Customer sales service

Identifying the needs of each customer, analyzing the feasibility of the project, defining the sale offer and verifying the production costs are a starting point. Our Sales organization will ensure the greatest competence and the most advanced solutions for every outdoor furniture project.